clothing labels

We offer different types of clothing labels to suit your needs. Indispensable, the marking label for clothing is the identity card of a textile. Labeling allows professionals and individuals to distinguish their clothes from others by marking their brand name or the first name of their choice. HOA PHAT manufactures “100% Made in VIETNAM” clothing labels in their workshops.

Why use labels on clothes?

– The clothing labels is a very useful marking tool for professionals. Custom labels allow businesses to advertise and spread their brand image. They are a real asset and communication tool. In addition, labels can be used on professional uniforms to know who they belong to and thus facilitate their management. Labeling on clothes can also be a real help on a daily basis, in particular to prevent parents from mixing up laundry. Indeed, it is easier to sort and store your children’s clothes if there is a name tag on it. You can personalize your label with your child’s first name or whatever name you want. The label on the linen is also very practical for the elderly who live in a retirement home. Marking clothing reduces the risk of linen being exchanged between residents and facilitates distribution for caregivers.

How to make a clothing labels?

You are probably wondering how can you make a clothing label? This is good because HOA PHAT is the specialist in the manufacture of marking labels! Discover all the offers and choose the label model and format that suits you. You can customize the color and text of your label according to your tastes and your creative spirit.

clothing labels